The Rise (and Fall) of Brand Banter on Twitter

Hey guys! Your brand sucks! Just jokes, we love you! Brand ‘banter’ – when brands engage with each other in conversation on Twitter, in a light-hearted, humorous manner, perhaps even trading insults – is an increasing trend. We reveal the brands who are masters of the art of banter, examples of when banter goes good and (hilariously) bad, and offer some advice for brand-on-brand banter tactics.

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Earth Day 2014 as told by Twitter


We always love it when brands get involved in a good cause! April 22nd was International Earth day and we’ve seen some excellent examples from brands around the world getting involved and showing our Mother Earth a little bit of loving. Earth Day is usually celebrated with planting trees, picking up roadside trash, recycling and conservation. You know, the general look after Mother Nature stuff [...]

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The Social X Factor: 7 ways to make your personal brand stand out from the crowd

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In the age of social media, your employability, your earning power, your professional reputation and your chance of achieving any of your career goals are more dependent than ever on how you position yourself online. So stop and think, what do your profiles say about you? Just as companies invest time and money into developing, enhancing [...]

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TV and Twitter: A winning formula for Marketers

twitter_TV_700In 1980, The Buggles sang ‘Video killed the radio star’ in an speculative prediction of how television would affect radio. Thirty-four years on and radio is still around, however television has cemented its position in society as a platform with one of the highest ‘tune in’ rates. With the introduction of social media many foresaw the beginnings of history repeating itself, where television would suffer [...]

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Minority Report: 5 Ways to Predict Future Trends using Twitter analytics

future_700Have you ever woken up from a nightmare where you’re being followed, watched and tracked? Your stalkers are pre-empting your every move, there’s nowhere to run or hide because they’ve read your thoughts, they know what you’re thinking, where you’re going and how you’re feeling. Much like a scene from Spielberg’s science fiction-thriller Minority Report set in 2054 in which Tom Cruise [...]

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