TV and Twitter: A winning formula for Marketers

twitter_TV_700In 1980, The Buggles sang ‘Video killed the radio star’ in an speculative prediction of how television would affect radio. Thirty-four years on and radio is still around, however television has cemented its position in society as a platform with one of the highest ‘tune in’ rates. With the introduction of social media many foresaw the beginnings of history repeating itself, where television would suffer [...]

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Minority Report: 5 Ways to Predict Future Trends using Twitter analytics

future_700Have you ever woken up from a nightmare where you’re being followed, watched and tracked? Your stalkers are pre-empting your every move, there’s nowhere to run or hide because they’ve read your thoughts, they know what you’re thinking, where you’re going and how you’re feeling. Much like a scene from Spielberg’s science fiction-thriller Minority Report set in 2054 in which Tom Cruise [...]

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