Best Time to Tweet: get multiple reports if you’re a Pro user

If you are one of our users of SocialBro Pro (web-app) you can take great advantage of the Best Time to Tweet report, which is one of our highlight features. Apply the Best Time to Tweet to a custom sample of users and get the report for any search, list, 3rd party Twitter account, etc.

The main difference between the Pro and the free version is that with your Pro account you can request multiple reports, while in the desktop apps you can only have one report per Twitter account at a time.

Follow the steps below to see how to generate a report for a custom sample of users:

  • Choose the sample of users that you’d like to know when are online: members of a list, members of a search, your competitor’s followers, etc.
  • When you have these users on your SocialBro screen, click on the arrowhead on the bottom navigation bar, then click the option “BTTT for this criteria”.


  • You’ll see a list of the reports you have requested, being able to access them whenever you want. In this list you can visualize the criteria of each report. For example, the last report of the image below was generated based on our friends (the people we follow) who have “marketing” in their bios and have more than 1,000 followers, filtered by English.


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