How to make your searches more powerful!

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Some of the most powerful SocialBro features, that many users forget to use, are the search filters and the Advanced Search. They are located on the left menu of the app interface. With them, you can search by language, location, number of followers and friends, users with URL or not, verified profiles or not, the account age, etc.

For example, if you want to know the “Influential Followers”of an account, is not enough to choose only this option on the main menu (dashboard). If you do this, the followers that appear are the ones that have a considerable number of followers more than friends. And not all of these are “influential”! An account that follows 50 users and has 150 followers will be automatically considered “influential”. And we are not looking for this kind of users!

So our advice is: use the Filters to make your searches more powerful. In the case of the “Influential Followers “, you can apply the filter “Followers” to search, for example, for your followers that have more than 500 followers themselves. Or apply the filter “Lists” to search for the followers that are included in, for example, more than 100 lists.

Another situation: you want to know the relevant users that you aren’t following back. To find these, choose “You Are not Following back” and then don’t forget to take advantage of the “Advanced Search”. Do you want to know if, for example, you’re not following back any interesting profiles from social media or marketing areas? Type the keywords into one of the fields available in the Advanced Search. That will help you to reciprocate your followers that you don’t want to miss!

So remember, the first thing to choose is the function on the main menu (dashboard) and THEN use the appropriate Filters. Enjoy!

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