Introducing Customized Insights & Reports

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SocialBro provides you with a lot of powerful data about your Twitter community and about any source you want to analyze: a competitor’s account, a Twitter list or a search. Now we’re introducing customized insights and reports! Get detailed stats about any segment you’d like to know about in-depth, both within your contacts or in all Twitter.

Knowing the characteristics of a specific segment of your community and also of your market is very powerful information. For example, you can generate a detailed Insights Report of your most influential followers, who have a high Kred score, and who are interested in Marketing. You can also investigate any business niche in order to target the audience of clients, customers and influencers and define the right people to engage with.

The new Custom Reports feature, which is exclusive to our Pro users, lets you personalize your reports with the specific graphs you consider more appropriate for each document and add the logo of your client or your company to the reports.

Monitor your growth day by day

Other news we’re announcing today is that now you can visualize the evolution of each panel of the dashboard. For example, you can monitor the daily growth of your new followers, recent unfollows, influential contacts, etc., comparing it with previous days and have an overview of each panel’s evolution.

This new feature allows you to analyze the impact of a goal-oriented campaign you’re carrying out on specific aspects of your Twitter account. Is your objective to get more followers, engage with more people, increase the number of influencers in your community, etc.? Now SocialBro helps you to see the effect of your campaign on these specific areas.

If you want to see the evolution over a given period of time, just select the area you want to analyze. Pass the mouse over the chart to get accurate information by date.

These new tools are exclusive for our users of SocialBro Pro. Want to become a Pro user? Try our 15 day free trial.

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