Introducing SocialBro’s Affiliate and Partnership Programs!

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Today we’re releasing our brand new Affiliate and Partnership programs! If you love SocialBro, why not earn commissions from spreading the word about SocialBro Pro and encouraging others to start using it too?

Since starting over a year ago, our Pro cloud version has grown massively with the support from all our customers, many of whom have recommended us to friends, colleagues and clients. In January, we celebrated reaching 1,000 paid subscribers, something that we were very proud of. To help us grow further, we are looking for Affiliates and Partners to monetize from promoting SocialBro.

If you have improved the way you use Twitter for Business by using our platform and have achieved various Twitter marketing objectives, you may be interested in one of these programs.

Turn your SocialBro Promotion into Profits

With SocialBro’s Affiliate and Partnership programs, you can earn profits from encouraging others to sign up to SocialBro Pro and discover the benefits of its features for themselves. After joining we will provide you with unique share links to send out to potential customers and affiliates will be given a variety of cool banners to place on your website or blog to advertise SocialBro. You will then earn commission for every person who signs up as a result of your promotion.

As an Affiliate or Partner you will have access to your own complete dashboard to control your activities by tracking the clicks your link has received and viewing stats about your progress. From here you can also track your earnings so far and share your link via social networks.

How the Programs Work

Affiliate Program

  • SocialBro Affiliates will receive 100% of the first month of a user’s subscription, for example if someone signs up for a Business account, you will receive $149.00.
  • If the person signs up at a discounted price using a coupon, you will still receive their first month’s subscription but at the price they paid not the monthly prices stated on our website.
  • You will receive your earnings monthly on the 5th day of every month and the payout will occur when you have earned a minimum of $50.
  • If you refer someone who signs up for an annual plan you will receive the total amount paid divided by 12.

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Partnership Program

  • This program is particularly suitable for agencies who want to integrate SocialBro into their clients’ social media strategies. Partners will receive monthly revenue from all of the payments SocialBro receives from the users they sign up.
  • If you encourage your clients to sign up for SocialBro Pro, you will receive a percentage of each month’s payment for the lifetime of their subscription.

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