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We announced last week that we were going to launch a new version of SocialBro in the following days, so here it is! We’re happy to release SocialBro 0.2.9, that allows you to customize your interactions on Twitter by personalizing the dashboard with the most relevant information for you.

In this 45 second video you’ll see what you can do with your dashboard! Rocking it!

The new Custom Filters feature, identified by a star icon in the top navigation bar, allows you to save on the dashboard any search you’ve made with different filters, keeping your analysis of your Twitter community, lists, competitors, etc., within easy reach for when you want it.

How to customize and save your searches on the dashboard

If you want to search, for example, from your new followers all those who have Social Media and Marketing in their bios, and have more than 1K followers, just filter by the number of followers and use the “bio” field in the Advanced Search.

Then, click on “Save Filter” in the left menu:

Or in the “More options” button in the footer:

A dialogue box appears where you have to write the “Filter Title” and the “Filter Description”, then choose the option “Valid for any account or source”, select if you want to see the filter in the dashboard and its place (top, left or right).

Suppose you’ve saved this filter at the top of your dashboard. This is what you would see:

As this filter has been created from your own account, it will appear on your main dashboard. That’s a very important detail you should pay attention to. If you create a filter from a source (a list, an account that is not yours, a hashtag search, etc.), and choose “Show it on the dashboard”, you’ll have the filter in the dashboard of the source you’re analyzing.

However, if you choose the option “Valid for any account or source” you’ll be able to apply this filter wherever you want to (your main Twitter accounts, your lists, other accounts, hashtag searches, etc.). It functions as a generic filter. Just select the filter by clicking on the star icon in the top navigation bar and it will be applied in any source or account you have opened.

Rocking your dashboard!

As we’ve said before, now you can personalize your dashboard with the most important data for you, having in it the widgets you want to. To hide a panel just close it. And to move it, just pass the mouse over the panel (more precisely in its top left corner) and drag and drop it where you want in the empty box where you’ll read “Drop it here!”

To restore the dashboard panels, click on the arrow marked on the image below.

If you use SocialBro for Chrome, the app will update automatically when you restart Google Chrome. However, if you use the Adobe Air version, just click on “Download” in “SocialBro for Desktop” here.

These new features may be a little bit complicated, but we guarantee that they are really powerful and easy once you get used to them. So let us know any doubt you may have! Your feedback is very important for us, as always!

We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to nominate SocialBro for Breakout Startup of the Year in the Mashable Awards. You can nominate us every day, if you want to, and without tweeting, if you prefer not to. Thanks!

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