#SBTip 8: Keep it up!

Results don’t always happen overnight, but continued work, delivering great content and interactions with your followers will pay off over time. Tweeting at the weekend can be a powerful tactic. With lower traffic levels and outsourcing of social media activity, the larger brands often refrain from tweeting at this time. This is a great period for smaller business to capitalise on the visibility gained with the overall noise on Twitter being lower. So make the most of the resources you have. Delivering personal, targeted and thoughtful content and talking about it with your customers is what sets smaller businesses and large brands apart.

One example of a small business whose engagement we love is Borrow my Doggy

Having a lazy Sunday morning in bed? Why not have a read of our newsletter ☺ http://t.co/6Fxo5RMawh pic.twitter.com/efqkOKaRhW
— BorrowMyDoggy (@BorrowMyDoggy) December 1, 2013

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