SocialBro 0.2.4: analysis becomes more powerful

We are proud to launch a new version of SocialBro, our tool to manage and analyze Twitter communities. We’ve jumped from the 0.1.6 to the 0.2.4 version and the reason is that enough time has passed since the last public release, so we wanted to launch a version with a lot of consistent improvements!

The main change is the possibility of adding new sources to analyze and to cross-check information with your Twitter accounts. You will also notice that the dashboard has been enhanced with some additions, including a new report “Best time to tweet”.

In this video you can see a summary of the new version:

To install or upgrade SocialBro 0.2.4, go to and click on “Install”.

Analyze new sources
There are five different sources to analyze. On the left menu you will see the feature “Add new source”, in which you’ll find the source types: “Twitter Account”, “Twitter Search”, “Your Twitter Lists”, “Other Twitter Lists” and “Text File”.
A normal user of this current free version will be able to analyze a maximum of four sources at a time, each of which can’t have more than 5000 users in total (followers plus friends).

New dashboard
Apart from the new look and feel, the dashboard now has some new features. In the first panel you’ll see the evolution of your Twitter account, by number of followers, friends and tweets. You can click and drag in the chart area to zoom in. By passing the mouse over the graph, you also can get accurate information by date.
In the other panels of the dashboard you will see a summary of the growth of each indicator, from the last synchronization. You will see for example how many new followers you have, how it has developed and also the avatars of the top new followers.

“Best time to tweet”

On the dashboard you will find a new tool “Best time to tweet”, with many charts: when your followers are online, when you get more re-tweets or replies etc., generated by analyzing your top 100 followers. You’ll find other graphs in this tool and new tag clouds.

PDF and CSV exports for the search results
Another function is to export the search results to a PDF or CSV file. However, this feature is available only for searches made from your accounts, and not from the search results from sources.
Autocomplete search for Twitter profiles
When you want to search a specific profile, you can now put “@” in the search box (on the top left) to look for the account, that will appear on the left of the SocialBro interface. With SocialBro 0.2.4 you can also add “@” in the tweets editor to autocomplete the user names you want to mention.
It’s a pleasure for us to develop and improve SocialBro with your help!

To install or upgrade SocialBro 0.2.4, go to and click on “Install”.