SocialBro launches new tools to help you track your engagements

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Very often we interact with so many people on Twitter, through mentions and retweets, that in many cases we lose track of these interactions. In other cases a particular profile sounds familiar to us but we’re not sure if we’ve previously made contact with this person or not.

These are very typical situations in social networks, so we’ve created a tool that helps you track all your engagements on Twitter. Find the Latest Interactions tool on your SocialBro Pro dashboard (this feature is exclusive for our Pro users).

When you click on the above icon a new panel opens up on the left of the screen. You can visualize all your interaction tweets, the tweets of those who have mentioned you and also those who you have mentioned in your tweets.

So far SocialBro has been wholly focused on the community, on the data about the people. However, these new features are totally focused on the content. Enjoy them!

Notice that those who you have engaged with have a  blue “@” in the bottom right-hand corner of the user box. So when you click on it you’ll see all the interactions between you and this user.

New panels and new filter by time period

There are two new panels on the dashboard: “My influencers” and “I influence”. “My influencers” are the people who have influenced you, when you mention or retweet their tweets. Whilst the users who have mentioned you or retweeted your content appear in the “I influence” panel. As are all the panels on the Pro dashboard, these two new panels are automatically updated, so you can track your interactions on a daily basis.

Now when you browse each panel, notice that there is a new filter at the top of the dashboard, which allows you to modify the time frame of the filter, which allows you to keep track of your influencers.

There are some busy and buzzy days that make it impossible to follow or to reply in real-time to all the people who mention or retweet you. So, both the filter and the new engagement panels help you look back through your timeline in order to not lose track of those people who you’d like to connect with.

Please find on our user guide the tutorial How to Track your Engagements on Twitter with SocialBro.

Have you already tried the new tools? Do you think they will help you better engage with your community?

If you’re not a user of SocialBro Pro, try our 15 day free trial now. Drop us a line below or get in touch via Twitter for handy tips and quick answers. We’re thrilled to help you!