How to sort and filter your Twitter community through the PeerIndex Score

To start managing your community with the PeerIndex score, you just have to synchronize the influence data, by clicking on the new icon you’ll see in the tool menu, on the dashboard.

Then, you’ll notice that every user will have a small number inside their avatar. This number reflects the PeerIndex score that each profile has in the social networks. You’ll be able to order your community by the influence data (by clicking on “Influence” in the interface footer).

Influence indicators evolution

On the dashboard you’ll see a new chart with the influence indicators evolution, where you’ll find the growth of your own PeerIndex, in addition to the evolution of your “Activity”, “Authority” and “Audience” scores.

New bar chart

In the Insights of your community, you’ll notice a new bar chart “Users by Influence Rank” (after the “Users by location” map) that allows you to visualize at which level your community is in terms of their PeerIndex Score.

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