Tips on how to use Twitter for Business and other insights by @WarrenWhitlock

If you’re using Twitter for business or to brand yourself, Warren Whitlock’s advice to you is: “Look for thought leaders, current customers, and competitors in your market that are using Twitter. Listen to them”.

Whitlock, a digital business development strategist and author of best selling books about Twitter and Social Media, suggests that if you really listen to these people “you’ll get to know their hopes and dreams… Maybe their hopes and dreams surround your product”.

In this interview we ask him about his background in Social Media and for some tips and thoughts that he could share with our readers. “The revolution in Marketing and Business is just getting started”.

You are a man of many talents (author, speaker, social media expert, radio host etc)! Which aspect of your work do you enjoy the most?

Thank you. I believe that we all have many capabilities and learning new skills and applying them is always fun, perhaps what I enjoy most. I believe the essence of life is our connections with people and the stories we share. I think I do that in every activity, or at least think about it. I say, if you can tell the difference between work and play you want doing one of them right. I enjoy it all.

What were your goals when you started working in Social Media?

Most of what’s called social media today is either media (about 1% of its capability) or what I would say is business the way it should be done.

We all want to do business with people that we know, like, and trust. The tools of the 20th century allowed us to push a message in one direction. Today new tools are catching up with the promise of one-on-one conversations with many, many more people.

My goal has been, and will always be, to connect with individuals. The tools called social media allow us to do more of that.

What would you say your greatest business achievement has been to date?

Becoming unemployable.

Please explain?

We are all working for ourselves. Choosing to give our lives over to a company is foolish. We need some employees, but anyone who I can convince to take control of their own destiny is my goal now :)

Do you use any Social Media tools? Which three would you recommend to businesses and why?

I use most of the tools that come out. Once I became known as the guy who wrote the first book about Twitter, marketers assume I know a little bit. Every day I use, Tweetie on my iPhone and iPad and several others. I recommend that everyone try a few and decide what works best for themselves.

You wrote your first book about Twitter in 2008 (Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online). How do you think the way businesses use Twitter has changed since then?

There’s more people using it now. The revolution in marketing and business is still just getting started. Each new user brings the training and life experience they had… Most of us were trained in the mass century to push out a message wherever we can… So we go through three phases as we learn this new technology.

#1) “who cares what somebody else had for breakfast?”(It can’t possibly work, it’s a waste of time)

#2) “how does one monetize this?” (looking for some way to treat it like the old media we know)

#3) “how do I live without this?” (It becomes a won’t we use to communicate)

Once a user gets to phase 3 they stop trying to push a message and learn to listen and
respond to human beings as people.

What would you say is the most common mistake businesses make when using Twitter? What are your predictions for it’s future?

Attempting to use it as a broadcast medium. The important follower number is 1. The one person you’re talking to at the moment. Twitter is currently growing at something like 1 million users a day, regardless of the fad aspect of it, people will be using it for one-to-one conversation for many years to come.

As a user of SocialBro, what would you say is its most useful feature? :)

The ability to drill down and find the influencers to engage with and serve so that they can amplify your listening in the market.

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