Tailor your content to your audience

The Best time to tweet report shows you what your followers are talking about, the top hashtags mentioned and the main topics of links they share.

A similar function exists on your dashboard, with the most common words or phrases generated from the bios of followers and who you are following.

These TagClouds reveal valuable insights into how to improve engagement among your Twitter community. The Best time to tweet report provides you with the optimal times to tweet during the week and keywords, phrases and hashtags that interest your followers. Use the insights to tailor your content to your audience and ultimately improve your engagement and reach.

Additionally SocialBro allows you to configure your optimal tweeting schedule with Buffer. Bufferapp lets you schedule tweets throughout the day/week/month and once optimized with the Best time to tweet schedule will automatically time your tweets for you.

Furthermore, monitor how your content is doing with SocialBro’s Tweet Analytics tool. The tool offers stats and dats about the effectiveness of the tweets you post in terms of how many retweets, replies and favourites they received. You can then use this information to tailor your content and tweets according to the likes of your followers.

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