Offer the right content to your audience

The best time to tweet report also shows you what your followers talk about and share links about.

A similar function exists in the insights section with the difference being that here you see the most common words or phrases generated from the bios of followers.

These functions show you how best to engage your Twitter followers allowing you to tweet at the best times and tailor messages to get followers attention.

Once you have found your best times to tweet and have decided how best to capture your followers attention, SocialBro can now automatically tweet for you using Bufferapp. You can use Bufferapp to schedule your tweets so you don’t have to do it yourself throughout the day.

SocialBro’s Tweet Analytics tool shows you the effectiveness of the tweets you post in terms of how many retweets, replies and favourites they received. You can then use this information to tailor your future tweets according to the likes of your followers.

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