Twitter Dashboard

The SocialBro Twitter dashboard is a clear summary of Twitter statistics showing what’s happening in your Twitter community. The Twitter dashboard forms the basis of SocialBro’s analysis. It is designed to show you the quality of your Twitter community not just the number of followers you have.

The Global stats graph shows the evolution of your community, followers, friends or even a specific segment of your choice e.g. if you are only interested in followers from London.

The dashboard also shows you your influencers and who you influence showing you who you should be engaging with and targeting.

You can also see your new followers and who has recently unfollowed you. New followers can be sent direct messages welcoming them or can be followed back. If users have unfollowed you, you can attempt to find out why or look for similarities between these users.

The dashboard has a section showing your inactive friends. These are users you follow who have not tweeted in the past 3 months and could potentially be unfollowed. Similarly you can also see your inactive followers, showing who it may not be worth targeting.

The dashboard shows you the users who are following you that you are not following back. You can order these users by influence, number of followers or search within them to see which users it will be beneficial to follow back.

The influential followers section uses the Kred score and the Peerindex score to determine how influential your followers are based on how frequently they are retweeted, replied, mentioned and followed on Twitter. Outreach reflects your followers generosity in engaging with others and helping them spread their message therefore gaining retweets or favourites from your influential followers with a high outreach is beneficial. You can conduct a search within these influential followers to find specific ones to target e.g. users who work in marketing.

The Twitter statistics provided in the dashboard can be used to show you the quality of your Twitter community e.g. you want a high number of followers but only if they are active users and preferably influential and from your preferred segments e.g. from London interested in Social media.

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