Getting Started with SocialBro

SocialBro is an advanced solution for the management and analysis of Twitter communities. It lets Social Media and Marketing professionals analyze in depth what their communities are like, manage them and drive their strategies.

We help companies and agencies increase their communities’ growth, save time and monetize their social contacts via actionable stats and by providing really valuable data.

How to Access SocialBro

To access SocialBro, visit the official site and click on “Get Started!”.


Then, you can decide which version is more suitable for you:

  • SocialBro Cloud (Pro)
  • SocialBro Desktop (Free): Chrome

The advantages of using SocialBro Cloud

SocialBro Cloud is very similar to the desktop versions (Chrome and Adobe Air). The main difference and advantage is that all the information, history and users are stored on our servers, so you never have to worry about saving this data. Not to mention that you can access it from any computer!

Also it isn’t necessary to synchronize your information, as the system does it for you periodically and notifies you via email when the sync is ready. That’s why SocialBro Cloud is the best solution for pros that manage large Twitter accounts. The cloud app is currently optimized to work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Get all the details about the Plans & Pricing of SocialBro Cloud.

Chrome app

If you are interested in a free version of SocialBro, we recommend the Chrome app, which is more stable and faster than the Adobe Air version.

If you choose SocialBro for Chrome, click on Download and we will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can click on “Add to Chrome”.


Once you have added the app, you are ready to enjoy SocialBro in your favorite browser.

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How to Select the Best SocialBro Plan for Your Needs

Choosing which SocialBro plan to upgrade to can be difficult. That’s why we have created this page to explain the differences between them and which accounts are most suitable for each type of user.

There are 4 types of SocialBro Pro plans which are Basic, Professional, Business and VIP and Enterprise and these are available as a monthly or an annual plan.

As listed in the table above there are 5 factors which will affect the type of SocialBro account you will need. These are:

Number of Social Contacts

Social Contacts are your followers plus the people who you follow plus the contacts from any source that you add to SocialBro. 
For example if you have 2,000 followers and are following 150 people and you are analyzing a competitor with 10000 followers and 5,000 following, your number of Social Contacts equals 17,150.

Number of Twitter Accounts

Number of Twitter Accounts is used to describe how many Twitter Accounts you want to manage for example your company may have multiple Twitter Accounts so you will need to manage @accountone, @accounttwo ect.

Amount of followers your Best Time to Tweet Report is based on

Your Best Time to Tweet Report lets you know at what times and on what days of the week it is best for you to tweet in order to reach and engage your community more effectively and efficiently. The SocialBro plan you select determines how many of your top followers are included in your Best Time to Tweet Report, the more followers that are included makes for a more accurate report.

Number of Collaborators

Collaborators is the term used in SocialBro to describe the people who can have access to and manage the Twitter accounts assigned to your SocialBro account. Our Professional and Business plans come with added collaborators making managing your Twitter accounts easier and more efficient.

Twitter DM Campaigns

SocialBro has created a tool named “Twitter DM Campaigns” to allow you to target a specific criteria of your followers for different circumstances. Using this tool you can filter amongst your followers and create a personalised DM to be sent to these users. This tool is only available for professional, Business and custom users (if they choose to add this feature).

Bearing all of the above in mind, we therefore suggest that each plan is most suitable for the following types of users:

The Basic plan comes with:

  • Up to 20K Social Contacts
  • 2 Twitter accounts
  • Best time to tweet 500
  • 1 Collaborator (you)

Our Premium plus plan is suitable for Twitter lovers, Twitter power users and small companies who wish to manage up to 2 Twitter accounts. Using this plan you can have up to 20k Social Contacts (not suitable for large companies who will want to analyze large competitors) and only you can manage your one or two accounts. Your Best Time to Tweet report will be created using your top 500 followers which is suitable for personal use or for small businesses but not for very large companies who would benefit from having a more accurate report due to the fact that their community is much larger and they will have a specific criteria of people they want to target. 

Professional users receive:

  • Up to 50K Social Contacts
  • 10 Twitter accounts
  • Best time to tweet 1K
  • 3 Collaborators (you + 2)
  • Twitter DM Campaigns

Our Professional plan is suitable for small companies who incorporate Twitter into their marketing campaign in a large way. Our Professional Plan allows users to take advantage of Twitter as you can have up to 50k Social contacts so can analyze a large amount of followers and those followers of your competitors. You can benefit from being able to manage 10 Twitter accounts e.g. if you have a number of different brands with their own Twitter pages. This makes the professional plan suitable for community managers who may be working on a number of different accounts. One of the main benefits of the Professional plan is that you can add 2 extra collaborators to your account. It is very rare that companies will have just one person in charge of managing their Twitter accounts. Using our Professional Plan you can grant access to certain accounts for certain people and control the actions they can perform e.g. read only, management and admin.

Business users receive:

  • Up to 200K Social Contacts
  • 30 Twitter accounts
  • Best time to tweet 5K
  • 5 Collaborators (you + 4)
  • Twitter DM camaigns

For agencies and large companies a Business plan is probably most suited to your needs. It allows you to manage up to 30 Twitter accounts meaning that agencies who are in charge of a number of brands can manage all of them from one SocialBro account. Companies who have a large amount of followers and want to analyze competitors with large communities will benefit from the 200k Social Contacts limit. Being able to create a Best Time to Tweet Report for your top 5000 followers means it will be accurate and will enable you to create the most effective communication possible. As a business user you will benefit from being able to add up to 4 extra collaborators, ideal if managing up to 30 Twitter accounts as you can split the load amongst co workers whilst still keeping control. Agencies in particular benefit from being able to add collaborators as you can enable certain clients to manage their own Twitter accounts but not have access to others.

Enterprise Users

These users can benefit from all the features of a business plan and a member of our team can customize your package depending on how many accounts you wish to manage, how many social contacts you want and how many collaborators you need.

This plan also gives you access to additional features and tools such as our email integration tool which enables you to upload your email database into SocialBro and instantly view more information about the users you exchange emails with, helping you build up strong business relationships and improving your lead generation process.

Custom users

Our Team is also able to create a personalized plan for you depending on your needs. You may find that none of the plans above fit your requirements exactly. For example you might only want to manage two accounts but you have 800K social contacts, we can create a plan to fit these requirements or you may wish to have a premium account but you want to have the Twitter DM campaigns tool. Please click here to personalize your plan.

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How to remove sources or accounts when being asked to upgrade

When you have reached your social contacts limit and you next log in you will see a message asking you to upgrade. From here you can upgrade to a larger plan which will give you a higher social contacts allowance or if you would prefer, you can remove some sources or accounts to decrease your current social contacts usage and continue using your current SocialBro plan.

1. Select “remove accounts and sources” from the bottom of the pop up.


2. Then select the source or account and click “remove”.


3. You will then be able to access your account as normal.

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Book your SocialBro workshop dates

We are pleased to announce that we have now created our next series of webinars that will run from July 3rd until December.

Update: We are preparing the next series of webinars. In the meanwhile you can watch our past webinars here

Many of you tuned in to one or more of our webinars that we held over the past few months. These were designed to help you get the most out of using SocialBro and covered topics such as how to use the basic functions, how to analyze sources and how to improve your CRM as well as our getting started with SocialBro introductory webinar, which was also held in Spanish (you can find all of these recorded webinars here).

We received feedback from attendees via the post webinar surveys and we took this feedback into account when we created these new workshops! Some of these as requested are more objective based showing you how SocialBro can help you fulfil certain goals you may have as well as covering some of our newer tools not included in our past webinars.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Twitter DM campaigns
  • How to build your Twitter community and increase your followers
  • How to monitor how you are performing in Twitter
  • How to optimize your tweets using SocialBro
  • How to use SocialBro when hosting or attending industry events
  • And many more…

» To sign up for these webinars, use the calendar below to select which ones you wish to attend and then use the link to sign up in “Go to webinar”.

A full description of each webinar is available on the signup page.

If you have missed out on any of our past webinars you can watch them here

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SocialBro webinar catchup

We hold regular webinars and workshops to teach our users how to use the main tools and features of SocialBro. We have also recorded our past webinars for our new users or those of you who may have been unable to attend.

Please bear in mind that on Friday the 21st of June we updated our interface so the SocialBro platform now appears different to how it is shown in the webinars recorded before this date. You can read about the changes in this blog post.

These are displayed below:

Learn your way around our new Dashboard! (basic introductory webinar)

-Explains the new interface and how to navigate around

-How to customize your dashboard

-How to use the search and filters

-How to perform common Twitter actions using SocialBro.

 How to build your community and gain more followers

- How to find the users you should be following from the whole of Twitter, your competitor’s community and conversations.

- How to engage with users to turn them into followers

- How to expand your reach on Twitter using SocialBro e.g. using the Best time to Tweet report

How to create effective and personalized engagement with your community

This webinar will show you:

- How to keep on top of your interactions using SocialBro
- How to discover the interests of your community
- How to create a custom Best time to tweet report to optimize your tweets
- How to use the Tweets analytics tool
- How to keep track of your supporters and influencers

SocialBro Workshop: Twitter DM campaigns

-How to select users for your campaign

-How to create a Twitter DM campaign

-Best practices for using the tool

-How to monitor the success of your campaign

How to utilize SocialBro to increase engagement around an event

- How to import attendees from a TXT file 
- How to create a list of attendees to monitor their interactions 
- How to create a list or tag for past event attendees and invite them to your next one using the “Twitter DM Campaigns” tool 
- How to monitor an events hashtag and filter to find those to follow and engage with

How to target potential customers and influential people in your industry

This webinar will show you how to:

-Find potential customers from within your community and the actions you can perform with them e.g. send their details to Salesforce or Nimble.
-Find potential customers from outside of your own Twitter community.
-Locate influential people in your industry.
-Engage with these users.

How to organize your Twitter community using SocialBro

This webinar will show you:

- How to segment and categorize your Twitter community
- How to take care of your important contacts
- How to customize your widgets and dashboard according to your needs
- How to create Twitter lists
- How to clean up your community

How to monitor your performance on Twitter

Learn how to monitor how you are performing on Twitter:

- Using your Twitter dashboard
- Using the Tweets analytics tool
- Using the accounts comparison and Benchmark tools

Getting started with SocialBro

This webinar will teach you about the main functions and uses of SocialBro, enabling you to target and engage Twitter users effectively and ultimately better your business by improving your Twitter marketing strategy and your CRM.

- Learn your way around the SocialBro dashboard

- How to use the search and filter options to target specific users 

- How to read the stats you are presented with

- How to use functions such as the best time to tweet report

SocialBro workshop: How to use SocialBro as a Twitter CRM tool

SocialBro has a number of features to help you improve your Customer Relationship Management in Twitter. This lesson will teach you how to take advantage of the following:

- Discover your new followers and those you should be following back

- Keep on top of your Twitter interactions

- Use tags and notes to organize and segment your Twitter community.

- How to create lists to monitor your important contacts

SocialBro workshop: How to analyze the stats and insights provided by SocialBro.

This webinar will teach you:

-How to access your insights report and how to use the information it provides you with.

-How to create a customized insights report

-How to view insights about a source such as a competitor’s account

-How to use 2 of our newer tools which are Accounts comparison and Benchmark.

SocialBro Workshop: Best time to tweet report

This lesson will teach you how to take advantage of the Best Time to Tweet report, one of the most useful features of SocialBro! Find out when your followers are online, expand your reach and gain more retweets, favourites and replies!

-Learn how to create a Custom Best time to Tweet Report for a sample of your followers

-Learn how to use the information in the report e.g interests

-Learn how to post your tweets at optimal times using Hootsuite

-Learn how to optimally schedule your Tweets with Bufferapp

SocialBro workshop: How to analyze your competitors and TXT files

This workshop covers the following:

-Learn how to analyze a competitor’s account

-Learn how to follow your competitor’s followers

-Learn how to import users from a TXT file

-How to create a Twitter list with members of a TXT file

-View in-depth stats about your competitor’s Twitter community and the members of a TXT file

SocialBro Workshop: How to use the Twitter lists and search functions

This webinar is the 2nd covering sources in SocialBro. This one will focus on lists (your own and public) and searches.

-Analyze and view detailed stats about a Twitter list such as locations and interests of it’s members

-Create and add Twitter users to a list

-Perform a search to discover Twitter users to target and engage with

-Monitor a URL or Hashtag

-Learn how to perform an advanced search using Twitter operators

SocialBro workshop: discovering Twitter users

Advanced syntax is a very powerful search option but it can be hard to understand. This lesson will walk you through the basics and you will learn:

-How to use Advanced syntax to combine your search e.g. search for people in 2 locations who work in marketing.

-How to perform an advanced search in different sources

-How to discover twitter users to target

-How to perform actions with these users such as follow, add them to a list or view in-depth stats about them.

You can see details about and sign up for our future webinars and workshops here.

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Sign up and Auth on SocialBro

The first time you use SocialBro, you need to register by filling out the form with your name and email address and creating a password.

The steps are slightly different depending on whether you are using the Cloud or Desktop version.

For Cloud users (SocialBro Pro) (Click here if you are a Desktop Free User)

1. Go to

2. Select “Sign up now”. You can change which language you want to view SocialBro in using the options at the bottom.

3. Choose which plan you wish to use (for help choosing which plan is best for you please refer back to the previous page) and fill in the sign up form.

4. To sign in return back to and enter your email address and password and select “sign in”.

5. You will then be asked to add your Twitter account. Select sign in with Twitter.


6. Enter your Twitter Handle and Twitter password (not your SocialBro login details) and select “Sign in”. 


7. You will then be taken to your SocialBro dashboard. When you wish to sign in for future visits just go to and enter your Email and SocialBro password and you will be taken to your dashboard. 

For Desktop Free Users

1. If you have not already done so you need to download the app:

(Please click here to see how to do this)

2. Once downloaded, To sign up: open the app, choose which language you require and enter your details.


Then check the box “I have read and agree to the terms of service” and click on Sign Up. Once you have signed up, you can log in with the same email and password you used in the previous step.

The next step is to sign in with your Twitter account.


After clicking on “Sign in with Twitter”, you have to authorize SocialBro to use your Twitter account by entering your Twitter username and password. 


Once you have completed these steps, you will automatically be taken into the application.


The first time you log in, SocialBro will automatically synchronize your account (we will learn more about the synchronization in the next section).


Once your account is synchronized, the first thing you will see is the Dashboard (you can see more information about the Dashboard in the Exploring and Browsing your Community section).


Go to the next section – Synchronization

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The synchronization is very important in SocialBro as it updates your Twitter account in the app i.e. data on your community such as new followers etc. 

For Cloud (Professional) users:

The Cloud (Pro) version of SocialBro synchronizes your twitter account periodically so you don’t have to worry about doing this manually.

Nevertheless, if you want to sync your account manually because you are in a rush in getting your data you can do it with the following button:


For Desktop users ( Chrome App) 

SocialBro downloads your community to your computer, allowing you to access it even when offline. In order to keep your account updated, you should synchronize SocialBro as often as you consider necessary, depending on your level of activity on Twitter.

To synchronize your account just click on the Synchronize button, in the top right of your community stats graph.

Each time you synchronize an account, you will get new information about it in the Dashboard, such as your new followers, who unfollowed you, the potential spammers you are following etc. 


After each synchronization, the updated data will always be compared with information obtained in the previous synchronization.


The first time you synchronize SocialBro, the Twitter data you will see in the app will be up to date.

Important: If you use SocialBro Cloud you don’t need to synchronize your information, as the system does it for you periodically and notifies you via email when the sync is ready. This means that the cloud version is the best solution for larger Twitter accounts, as you don’t need to waste time synchronizing your data.

Go to the next section – Add more Twitter accounts

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Add more Twitter accounts

You can add all the accounts that you want to manage and analyze to SocialBro. To do this, click on the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar and select Add New. 


Or from the Home page select “Add an owned Twitter account”


Fill out the username and the password of the Twitter account you want to add and then click “Authorize the application”. 

Once you have taken these steps, choose the account you want to manage with SocialBro from the accounts menu or the home page and all actions (follow, unfollow, add to a list or tweet) will be carried out on this account.

Go to the next Section – How to View your Invoices

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How to View your Invoices

You can view your most recent and past invoices with SocialBro through the app and then have the option to export them to PDF where they can be printed or stored on your computer for your records.

1. Select the “settings” icon from the top navigation bar on your dashboard.


2. Select the “Payment plan” tab and then click “invoices”.


3. Scroll down the page to the “invoices” section and select “details” for the invoice you wish to view.


4. You can then view the details of your invoice. If you wish to print or save the file as a PDF, select “view PDF”.


Go to the next Section – Exploring and Browsing your community

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Exploring and Browsing your Twitter community

The Dashboard

On the SocialBro Dashboard, you can see the main data about your Twitter account. If you have added more than one account, select the account you want to analyze from the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.

Social Contacts break down


Social contacts in SocialBro are your followers plus your friends plus the contacts belonging to the sources you have added e.g. followers and friends of a competitor’s account, number of users on a list or in a text file etc.

The larger your plan, the more social contacts you can have. This breakdown enables you to see how many you have and if you are reaching your limit you can use this to find some to eliminate or you can upgrade to a larger plan/ buy extra social contacts.

The different types of sources have different colours. Hovering your cursor over one will show you a breakdown e.g. all of the accounts you have added as a source and how many social contacts they have.


Manually sync your account and change the time span of your widgets


Above the global stats panel you have the option to manually sync your account using the refresh button pictured above, to view the latest data possible e.g. on new followers etc (we automatically sync your account every 24 hours).

To the left of this you have the option to change the time span the data displayed in the widgets is based on. For example the information is automatically based on the latest update but you could change this to see information for the past week or month etc.


The evolution of your community

With SocialBro, you can easily visualize the growth of your Twitter community after each update.

The top panel “Global Stats” shows you the evolution of your Twitter community


If you have just registered in SocialBro, you won’t find the history of your account, because the application can only store the data from the time of registration. You will always see the history from the day you registered to the present day.

In the “Global stats” panel you will see the growth in the number of:





- Lists

In addition to seeing the evolution of your followers, friends and tweets at the same time, you can also select each one individually.

In green you can see your Followers Forecast, which is an estimation of the evolution of your community in the near future.

If you want to see the growth over a given period of time, just select the area you want to analyze. Pass the mouse over the chart to get accurate information by date.

To return to the original graph click on Reset Zoom.



In the second panel you will find the tools:


Latest Interactions

With this tool you can visualize all your interaction tweets, the tweets of those who have mentioned you and also those who you have mentioned in your tweets.

Real-time Analytics

With the Real-time Analytics for Twitter you can visualize who is currently on-line, the total number of followers of the on-line users, the number of on-line users per second, the top languages of these users and also the apps and clients most used. How can real-time analytics for Twitter be useful for you?

The Best Time to Tweet

This tool shows you a heat chart with the days of the week and the specific time that your followers are online, as well as other charts and different tag clouds. In the section Analyzing Your Community you can see more information about this tool. Take a look at how to get multiple reports.

Insights – Stats

Thanks to this tool, you can view detailed statistics about your Twitter community: which languages your followers use, their time zones, etc. (Have a look at the section Analyzing Your Community to get more information about this tool).

Discover Twitter Users – Find new people on Twitter

SocialBro allows you to search Twitter without leaving the application. You can refine your search by using different filters (on the left of the interface) and search by, for example, verified accounts, profiles with a URL, time zones, etc. In the “Searches and filters” section you will see more information about these features.

Analyze your competitors / Monitor a hashtag / Analyze your lists /Import Users

Please go to the section: Analyzing your Competitors / Sources

Geolocated Search

SocialBro’s Geolocated search tool enables you to find Twitter users nearby tweeting a word or about a topic, useful for targeting!


Want to find out how you are performing in Twitter compared to others? Now with SocialBro you can compare the growth of your Twitter account against your industry peers (with Twitter accounts of a similar age, size and industry to your own).

Twitter DM Campaigns

Segment and target a specific criteria of your followers with a direct message! SocialBro’s new tool Twitter DM Campaigns allows you to filter amongst your followers and send out personalized DMs to those selected e.g. to invite them to an event or webinar, contact competition winners or create PR opportunities.


Using the “collaborators” tool, you can control who in your organization has access to the accounts you have added and what actions they can perform with them e.g. read only, edit etc. This makes managing your Twitter accounts easier whilst allowing you to maintain control. This tool is also useful for enabling clients to access their accounts but not others.

Accounts Comparison

With this tool you can compare stats about your account (or any account you have added as a source) with up to 2 other accounts on the same charts! This is useful when it comes to making decisions about your Twitter marketing strategy and analyzing how you are performing in Twitter compared to others.

Influence Stats

On the dashboard you can also visualize a chart with the influence indicators evolution, where you’ll find the growth of your Kred and PeerIndex scores, in addition to the evolution of your “outreach” and  “Activity”, “Authority” and “Audience” scores.



Tweet Analytics

The “Tweet Analytics” tool allows you to analyze the impact of the content you post on Twitter. You can see how successful each tweet you send has been in terms of retweets, replies and favourites. You can also directly reply to users, including the ability to reply to multiple users at once, see how many clicks your Bitly links have received and view your potential reach for each tweet.


Remaining on the SocialBro Dashboard and looking at the panels below the tools menu, you will find many widgets which show a summary of the new data after each sync: the new followers, new friends, etc. As mentioned before you can change the time span e.g. to see activity for the past week or month, using the “period” drop down box above the global stats panel.

In each widget, you will see a sample of the users avatars. In addition to exploring each widget by clicking explore, you can share the information you find in each widget.


Tip: You can also create your own widgets to easily monitor those members of your community who are most important to you e.g. influential people working in marketing, members of your community who are bloggers etc. To do this just perform any search using the filters and advanced search options and select the “save filter” button (underneath the filters) and select “show on dashboard”.

Tag clouds

At the end of the Dashboard, you will find two tag clouds: your friends’ bios tag cloud and your followers’ bios tag cloud. You can browse through the tag clouds by clicking on the tags, or share them with your community.



Go to the next section - Exploring your account

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