Managing your community

With SocialBro you can carry out actions that you usually do within Twitter, such as:

- Follow, Unfollow, Block

- Reply and DM

- Add to lists

To follow or unfollow a user, hold your cursor over their profile to see the option:

ug user widgt  ug user widgt hold

Or try out our new “Follow mode” accessible from the bottom navigation bar, to follow/ unfollow users quickly.

ug follow mode

The following actions can be performed via the “more” button on a user’s profile:

ug more widget

To mass perform these actions (not possible when following or unfollowing), select multiple users with the check boxes or by dragging and dropping a box over them and then select the action from the bottom navigation bar.

ug selecting

With SocialBro you also can find out more relevant information about your community by clicking on each user: the last time the user tweeted, the account age, the date you started following the user, the date the user started following you and the date SocialBro synchronized the user.

ug user detail

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