What is a source?

“Source” is an important concept in SocialBro. SocialBro lets you manage, explore and analyze your Twitter accounts. However, understanding your own account and community is not enough, therefore SocialBro allows you to add additional ‘sources’ for comparative analysis.

There are four types of sources: a Twitter Account, a List, a .txt File and a Twitter search. In the same way as with your account, you will be able to manage and analyze any of these sources. 

To add a source just click on the sources menu, then click on “Add new Source”.


Once you have clicked on the button the following dialogue box appears. In it you select the type of source you want to add:

Twitter Account: analyze any other Twitter account, which is ideal to keep an eye on your competitors.


Twitter Search: If you want to manage and analyze all the people who are tweeting about a hashtag or any term on Twitter, this is the perfect source. Ideal for hashtag monitoring and to find new customers.


Twitter Lists: We can add any public list of Twitter or one of your own lists to view it’s members and stats about them.


.txt File: With this source you can upload a .txt file and save, manage and analyze all of the users . The file format should be the following (one user per line, without @):






Search All Twitter* : There is a “fixed source” that lets you search and filter a database of more than 100M active, localized and non spammer users of Twitter. Ideal if you want to find new customers. You can also access this via the tool bar> discover Twitter users.


When you click on the all Twitter Users* source the users are sorted by their number of followers. So don’t be afraid if you see @ladygaga or @justinbieber. SocialBro is not suggesting that you follow them. To filter and search the users is your task.


* When this post was written our database of Twitter active and non-spammer users had 20M active users.

Your ability to add more sources to analyze will depend on the size of your plan and how many social contacts the source has.

Social contacts in SocialBro are your followers plus your friends plus the followers and following of the accounts you have added as a source, plus the members of lists/ text files etc you have added as sources.

To see how many social contacts you have left and an explanation of how you have distributed your allowance so far, please see the sources breakdown on your home page. 


You can remove sources at any time (to free up space) via the sources menu or your home page.


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