Source is a very important concept in SocialBro. SocialBro lets you manage, explore and analyze your own Twitter accounts but understanding only your own community is not enough. SocialBro lets you delve deeper by adding additional ‘sources’ to analyze in exactly the same way as you can with your own Twitter account.

There are seven types of source on the homepage:

  • Twitter accounts (3rd party account)
  • Tailored Audiences (audience lists for use in Twitter Ads or DM campaigns) *
  • Tweets sample (search a hashtag, keyword, URL, by geolocation)
  • Imported users (from a .TXT file, etc.)
  • Email contacts
  • Twitter lists (public and private)
  • Discover Retweeters (of a Tweet)

You can add these sources via the Target section of your top menu bar or from the homepage by clicking the vacant + panel of the relevant source.

sources - target menu


Twitter accounts: Analyze any other 3rd party Twitter account. This is ideal to keep an eye on your competitors or to monitor a client’s account. View stats and compare their community to your own, follow their followers, etc.

sources 3rd party account


Tweets Sample: Search all of Twitter (or use the geolocation search option to find users in a certain area of interest) and then analyze and target all the people who are Tweeting about a term on Twitter, e.g., a news story relevant to your business. Ideal for hashtag monitoring, e.g., #myevent,  and to help find new users to target.

sources search tweets sample

sources geolocated tweets sample


Imported Users: Upload a file to SocialBro in plain text format (txt, csv, xml, html) and manage and analyze all of the members (e.g., customers, event attendees). The format should have one handle per line:




… etc,.

sources text file


Email contacts: Import your email contacts into SocialBro to pair them with their corresponding Twitter handles. Generate more opportunities from existing email contacts.

2. Sources


Twitter lists: Add any public list of Twitter or one of your own private lists to view its members and stats about them.

sources your lists

sources public lists


Discover Retweeters: Add a Tweet as a source to see the users who have retweeted a Tweet either belonging to you or a third party.

sources discover retweeters add a tweet


Discover new Twitter users *: Create Tailored Audiences using the Discover Twitter users tool. This tool allows you to search and filter all of Twitter, a database of nearly 300 million active Twitter users.

Select Discover new Twitter users from the Target section of the top menu bar.

4. Sources

Click the tab on the left of the screen to open up the search/filter sidebar and use the search and filter functions to search for users relevant to your business.

sources discover users search tab

When the results are returned, you can then not only perform all the usual actions typical of SocialBro, e.g., follow users, add some to a list, tweet them, but also add them as a source in the form of a Tailored Audience. After using the search/filter sidebar and the advanced search syntax you will be able to create a highly segmented and customized audience list which you can then download from SocialBro and use in a specific Twitter Ads or DM campaign.


Your ability to add more sources to analyze depends on the size of your plan and how many social contacts the source you want to add has.

Social contacts in SocialBro are your followers plus the people you are following plus the followers and following of any sources you have added (members of lists, text files, etc.)

See how many social contacts you have left, and a visual of how you have distributed your allowance so far, with the sources consumption panel on the homepage.

7. sources

Remember you can remove sources at any time, to free up some space, by clicking on the Remove bin icon of each source panel.

sources remove

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