How to add tags and notes to your Twitter community

Tags and Notes in SocialBro are very useful tools to manage the relationship with your Twitter community in a more personalized way. You can segment your followers and the people you are following by tagging them and using notes to manage and organize your Twitter contacts more efficiently.

You can also add tags and notes to users who you do not follow or that do not follow you for example if you wish to be able to locate their profile  again in the future (please note: when adding tags to users, you can only view these when browsing the Twitter account you were using when you added the tags).

To add a new tag or note, hold your mouse over each profile and click the “more” drop down menu to see “edit tags” and “edit notes”.

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Select the option “edit tags”, click in the white box and type the tag.


(In future to add an existing tag to users, start typing the tag name and select it from the drop down box that appears. This avoids creating duplicate tags by mistake).

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After adding the first tag, you will see it in the Tags tab, next to the Filter and the Advanced Search tabs.

You can also select multiple users and click on “selected” and then “Add tags” to add the tag as a bulk action.

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You can drag and drop a tag to a profile, too. Just pass the mouse over the tag (more precisely on its far left) and drag it to the profiles you want.


You can see which tags are attached to a user by holding your cursor over the little tag icon in their profile.

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To add notes, select “edit notes” and write the comment you want to add and then “Save changes”. In the accounts that you have added a note to, you will see an gold triangle in the bottom left hand corner of the user box.


To see the users that have a specific tag click on the Tag in the tags menu.

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If you have a lot of tags, make use of the “filter tags” search box to locate certain ones.

However, if you want to visualize the profiles that have more than one specific tag, just use the search box in the left navigation bar (pictured below).

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Do the same thing to visualize the users that you have added a note to:

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Remember you can add a tag or note to any user, not just those from your own community e.g. your competitor’s followers.

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