Advanced Search Syntax to Discover New Twitter Users

The Advanced Search Syntax is a very useful and powerful way of searching based on multiple criteria.

For example, let’s say you want to search for Twitter users based in Boston or London, with the words Marketing or Social in their bios. To do this use the search fields in the left-hand navigation bar, and enter your keywords (in lowercase only):



ug advanced syntax

The guidelines for performing a user search with Advanced Syntax in the Search field are:

  • All words in lower case.
  • No punctuation e.g., commas, full stops.
  • sign means “OR”. e.g., marketing+social (returns users with either word in their bio).
  • A sign means “NOT”. e.g., e.g., marketing -social (returns users with marketing but not social in their bio).
  • A space between words means “AND” e.g., marketing social (returns users with both words in their bio).
  • Double quotations searches for an exact phrase, e.g., social media.

You can use the filter menu to search by Name, Bio or Location or in the main search field write:

  • For name searches: name:_____
  • For bio searches: bio:_____
  • For location searches: location:_____

Other search options are to search for an URL, by language and time zone.

  • For URL searches write: url:_____

If you want to search for users who use their LinkedIn profile in their Twitter bio write: url:linkedin. If you want to search for all the users who don’t use their Facebook profile write: -url:facebook.

  • For language searches write: lang:_____

To find out which of your followers have configured in English in the main search field write lang:en.

For language searches you must use the ISO Letter Language Codes for example, en=English, es=Spanish, de=German, ja=Japanese, pt=Portuguese, ru=Russian, it=Italian, fr=French, nl=Dutch.

  • For time zone searches write: timezone:_____

For example, to find those users who use the Madrid time zone write: timezone:madrid.

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