Advanced Search Syntax to discover new Twitter users

In SocialBro, the Advanced Search Syntax can be very useful and powerful to search with multiple criteria. In the search box in the left navigational bar, you can combine your search in different ways. For example, if you are searching your community for people who are from Boston and London and have Marketing or Social in their bio, you will type the following into the search bar:

location:boston+london bio:marketing+social

*Ensure words are written in lower case.

ug advanced syntax

The guidelines for performing a user search with Advanced Syntax are:

  • All characters without spaces 
  • Two words with no punctuation eg. marketing+social (a Twitter Search seeks both words in a users bio).
  • The sign + means “OR”
  • The sign – means “NOT”
  • Double quotations searches for an exact phrase, eg. “social media”.
  • For Name searches write: name:_____
  • For Bio searches write: bio:_____
  • For Location searches write: location:_____

Please note: All words must be in lower case

If you’re searching by name, bio or location you can also use the filter menu. However, there is a feature that is not on this menu that is to search for a URL. If you want to find all the people in your community who use their LinkedIn profile in their Twitter bio write: url:linkedin. Or their Facebook profile: url:facebook.

[UPDATE] We’ve added two more filters: by language and by time zone.

Would you like to know which of your followers have configured in English and in Spanish? In the search box write “lang:en + lang:es”. For the languages, you must use the “ISO 2 Letter Language Codes”: ‘es’:’Spanish’, ‘de’:’German’, ‘ja’:’Japanese’, ‘ko’:’Korean’, tr’:’Turkish’, ‘pt’:’Portuguese’,  ’ru’:’Russian’, ‘en’:’English’, ‘it’:’Italian’, ‘fr’:’French’, ‘id’:’Indonesian’, ‘nl’:’Dutch’.

To search by different time zones, use the same rule: “timezone:madrid + timezone:london”.

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