Analyze Your Competitors on Twitter

This is one of the most powerful features of SocialBro, which allows you to analyze your competitors’ accounts or any account you’re interested in. You just need the account handle to add it as a source.

1. From the Target section of the top navigation bar select add sources- Twitter account (as pictured below).


Or select ‘Add an account source’ from the Twitter account section of your home page.


2. Enter the Twitter handle of the account and select ‘Add’.


3. When the account has finished synchronizing you can access it via the source drop down menu or your home page as pictured below.


4. After selecting the account, you’ll be taken to it’s dashboard, which compares the information of the source with the Twitter account you’re logged in with. This function is ideal to keep an eye on a third-party Twitter account, comparing it with yours, analyzing it’s evolution and changing your strategy accordingly.

The dashboard related to this source will show the progress of the account and includes the information below:




  • Common Following
  • Common Followers
  • Source’s followings not followed by you (if you want to follow the people your competitors are following)
  • Source’s followers not followed by you (if you want to follow the followers of your competitors)
  • Tag Clouds based on the bios of the followers and following, which show you their interests at a glance.

You can also browse the followers and following of the source and visualize statistics of the Twitter account by clicking “Community Insights”, via the “At” drop down menu.



You can access all of the accounts you have added as a source, remove accounts and add new ones via your home page.

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