How to Get the “Best Time to Tweet” for a Custom Sample of Users

The Best Time to Tweet report is one of our highlight features. You can apply the Best Time to Tweet to a custom sample of users (not available with the free version) and create multiple reports for searches, lists, 3rd party Twitter accounts, etc.

Follow the steps below to see how to create a report for a custom sample of users:

1. Choose the sample of users that you’d like to know when are online: members of a list, members of a search, your competitor’s followers, etc. You can also choose “followers” from your dashboard and then use the search and filter options to specify the category of followers you want the report to be based on.

2. When you have these users on your SocialBro screen, click “all criteria” on the bottom navigation bar, then click “BTTT report”.

3. You will then see the following form:

Select a title for your report, upload a logo (if you wish), select the desired time zone and click create. You will then see the following message:

4. You will then be taken to your “Best Time to Tweet Reports” section which will display all of your past reports. When your report has been generated you can view it by selecting “View report”.

SocialBro automatically updates your report for you every seven days and you can access it from the “Analytics” section on the top navigation bar.

5. You can then see all of the stats and information available for a general BTTT report

6. Through the Toolbar you can see a list of the reports you have requested, being able to access them whenever you want. In this list you can visualize the criteria of each report. For example, the reports listed below (in order) are based on: a) My followers who have “social media” in their bio, are from London and have more than 10K followers and b) the Twitter users in my “My influencers widget” which are those that I have recently mentioned. 

Please see the Video below for a step by step tutorial:

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