Community or Work Area

The Work or Community area is where the list of users appears.

This list shows the users related to the source selected, searched or filtered (you can change this using the breadcrumb.

SocialBro lets you modify the type of view on the bottom bar between detailed or grid.

Detailed: Displays less users but more data about each.

Grid: Displays more users but less detail about each.

The relationship icon is really important in SocialBro. It shows if you follow someone or if he/she follows you. The image clarifies what it means.

You follow each other:

Neither of you follow each other:

They follow you but you do not reciprocate:

You follow them but they do not reciprocate:

Clicking a blue (bottom right) corner of a user with an “@” symbol shows you any interaction you have had with this user.

In the list of a user we can do the following actions:

– See more info about the user: It you click on the nick or avatar of the user, more info will appear at the top left bar:

. The last time the user tweeted

. The age of the account

. The date you followed the user ( the date that SocialBro synchronized it)

. The date you unfollowed the user (the date that SocialBro synchronized it)

. The date Socialbro synchronized the user for the first time.

Also the number of followers and friends, lists and the latest tweets of the users are shown. (This information also appears in the Community Area).

– Also you can perform the common actions of Twitter:

. Reply

. DM

. Follow/Unfollow

. Add to lists

. Block

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