Exploring your account

In SocialBro, you have Twitter accounts and Twitter sources. Twitter accounts are those you have the username and password for (i.e. belonging to you yourself, your company or your clients) and you can perform actions from these accounts such as follow, unfollow etc.

If you want to explore any area of your account (or a source you have added) , ie, see your followers, friends, new followers, people you influence etc. it’s possible to do it via the dashboard.

The picture below shows the accounts drop down menu, from here (or your home page) you can select which account you wish to perform management functions from. You can change this via the accounts menu or the home page at any time.

SocialBro account dropdown

The next drop down menu “source” allows you to select which of your sources you wish to browse e.g. if you want to follow users from a list or see which of your competitor’s followers do not follow you.

socialbro source breadcrumb

The third drop down menu “At” allows you to view the dashboard for your account or source or access any of the tools for your account such as the Best time to tweet report, Tweet analytics or Rule Builder.

socialbro at breadcrumb

Your Dashboard gives you important information about your community or source such as:

- Your community evolution

- People you follow

- Followers

You also have a number of widgets showing you:

- My influencers: People I have mentioned or RT’ed. (Sorted by the number of followers)

- I Influence: People who have mention or RT’ed me. (Sorted by the number of followers)

- New Followers: New Followers since last sync. (Sorted by the number of followers)

- Recent Unfollows: Recent unfollows since last sync. (Sorted by the number of followers)

- Not following you back: Users that you follow but they don’t follow you back.

- You aren’t following back: User who are following you but you aren’t following back.

- “Low follow ratio” users you follow: Users that you follow and that follow more many users than their number of followers

“Low follow ratio” followers: Followers that follow more many users than their number of followers

ug widgets

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