Exploring and Browsing your Twitter community

The Dashboard

On the SocialBro Dashboard, you can see the main data about your Twitter account. If you have added more than one account, select the account you want to analyze from the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.

Manually sync your account and change the time span of your widgets

UG request synchronization

Above the community stats panel you have the option to manually sync your account using the refresh button pictured above, to view the latest data possible e.g. on new followers etc (we automatically sync your account every 24 hours).

To the left of this you have the option to change the time span the data displayed in the widgets is based on. For example the information is automatically based on the latest update but you could change this to see information for the past week or month etc.

ug period dashboard

The evolution of your community

With SocialBro, you can easily visualize the growth of your Twitter community after each update.

The top panel “Community stats” shows you the evolution of your Twitter community

socialbro community stats

If you have just registered in SocialBro, you won’t find the history of your account, because the application can only store the data from the time of registration. You will always see the history from the day you registered to the present day.

In the “community stats” panel you will see the growth in the number of:



– Friends

– Tweets


In addition to seeing the evolution of your followers, friends and tweets at the same time, you can also select each one individually.

In orange you can see your Followers Forecast, which is an estimation of the evolution of your community in the near future.

If you want to see the growth over a given period of time, just select the area you want to analyze. Pass the mouse over the chart to get accurate information by date.

To return to the original graph click on Reset Zoom.

ug reset zoom


Remaining on the SocialBro Dashboard and looking at the panels below the tools menu, you will find many widgets which show a summary of the new data after each sync: the new followers, new friends, etc. As mentioned before you can change the time span e.g. to see activity for the past week or month, using the “period” drop down box above the global stats panel.

In each widget, you will see a sample of the users avatars. In addition to exploring each widget by clicking browse, you can share the information you find in each widget.

socialbro user share

Tip: You can also create your own widgets to easily monitor those members of your community who are most important to you e.g. influential people working in marketing, members of your community who are bloggers etc. To do this just perform any search using the filters and advanced search options and select the “save filter” button (underneath the filters) and select “show on dashboard”.

Tag clouds

At the end of the Dashboard, you will find two tag clouds: your following bio tag clouds and your followers’ bios tag cloud. You can browse through the tag clouds by clicking on the tags, or share them with your community.

ug bio tag clouds


You can access any of the SocialBro tools via the top navigation bar using the Analytics, Engagement or Target drop down menus.

socialbro tools

Some of the tools you can find include:

Latest Interactions

With this tool you can visualize all your interaction tweets, the tweets of those who have mentioned you and also those who you have mentioned in your tweets.

Real-time Analytics

With the Real-time Analytics for Twitter you can visualize who is currently on-line, the total number of followers of the on-line users, the number of on-line users per second, the top languages of these users and also the apps and clients most used. How can real-time analytics for Twitter be useful for you?

The Best Time to Tweet

This tool shows you a heat chart with the days of the week and the specific time that your followers are online, as well as other charts and different tag clouds. In the section Analyzing Your Community you can see more information about this tool. Take a look at how to get multiple reports.

Community Insights – Stats

Thanks to this tool, you can view detailed statistics about your Twitter community: which languages your followers use, their time zones, etc. (Have a look at the section Analyzing Your Community to get more information about this tool).

Discover Twitter Users – Find new people on Twitter

SocialBro allows you to search Twitter without leaving the application. You can refine your search by using different filters (on the left of the interface) and search by, for example, verified accounts, profiles with a URL, time zones, etc. In the “Searches and filters” section you will see more information about these features.

Analyze your competitors / Monitor a hashtag / Analyze your lists /Import Users

Please go to the section: Analyzing your Competitors / Sources

Geolocated Search

SocialBro’s Geolocated search tool enables you to find Twitter users nearby tweeting a word or about a topic, useful for targeting!


Want to find out how you are performing in Twitter compared to others? Now with SocialBro you can compare the growth of your Twitter account against your industry peers (with Twitter accounts of a similar age, size and industry to your own).

Twitter DM Campaigns

Segment and target a specific criteria of your followers with a direct message! SocialBro’s new tool Twitter DM Campaigns allows you to filter amongst your followers and send out personalized DMs to those selected e.g. to invite them to an event or webinar, contact competition winners or create PR opportunities.


Using the “collaborators” tool, you can control who in your organization has access to the accounts you have added and what actions they can perform with them e.g. read only, edit etc. This makes managing your Twitter accounts easier whilst allowing you to maintain control. This tool is also useful for enabling clients to access their accounts but not others.

Accounts Comparison

With this tool you can compare stats about your account (or any account you have added as a source) with up to 2 other accounts on the same charts! This is useful when it comes to making decisions about your Twitter marketing strategy and analyzing how you are performing in Twitter compared to others.

Tweet Analytics

The “Tweet Analytics” tool allows you to analyze the impact of the content you post on Twitter. You can see how successful each tweet you send has been in terms of retweets, replies and favourites. You can also directly reply to users, including the ability to reply to multiple users at once, see how many clicks your Bitly links have received and view your potential reach for each tweet.

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