Export your Optimal Tweet Schedule from SocialBro to HootSuite

SocialBro allows you to export your optimal tweet schedule from SocialBro to HootSuite in order to expose your tweets to the maximum audience! From our “Best time to tweet” report, we’ve implemented an algorithm that optimally schedules the tweets in HootSuite more efficiently, therefore reaching the highest number of followers.

Follow the steps below to see how to do this:

1. Run SocialBro and select “Best time to tweet” from the “Analytics” section of the top navigation bar.

2. From here you can choose to view your default report or a custom report you have created (once the report has finished generating).


3. In the chart (“When are your followers online?”), you’ll see the “Export HootSuite Schedule” option.


4. After clicking on this, you’ll see the dialog box below. Just select the days of the week you want to tweet, how many tweets per day and the minimum interval between each tweetThen, in the same dialog box, type your first Tweet in the box provided and select “Add Tweet”. 

5. You can then add more tweets to the list. Altering the number of Tweets per day and the interval between them will change what times they will be posted.

6When you have added all of your Tweets click on “Export”. You’ll have your tweets optimally scheduled in a CSV file that will be generated instantly with the format requested by HootSuite.  


If you want to edit the file, we recommend you use Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit and TextWrangler (Mac).

6. Now, in HootSuite, in the “Compose message” space, click on “Scheduling” then “Bulk message uploader”.


7. You’ll see this dialog box, where you have to upload the CSV file generated in SocialBro, before selecting the Twitter account you want to schedule the tweets for, and click “Submit”.


8. You’ll have your tweets batch scheduled according to the “Best Time to Tweet” report that SocialBro has generated! The tweets will appear in the “Scheduled Tweets” tab on your HootSuite dashboard and on the “Publisher” tab on the left sidebar of HootSuite.


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