Find new people: Search All Twitter or Twitter Search

Finding new people or potential customers is really easy with SocialBro. To do this, use the “Discover Twitter users tool”, or select the source “Search All Twitter” to look for users with a specific characteristic or add a “Twitter Search” as a new source to search for users tweeting about something e.g. a hashtag or URL.

The Discover Twitter users tool (the same as selecting “Search All Twitter” from the sources menu) lets you search for active Twitter users and filter them by name, bio, location, etc.

1. Select “discover Twitter users” from the tools section


2. Click to open the advanced filters

You can then use specific search criteria or apply any filters to find desirable users.

Click the search bar to be able to search by bio or location.

Filter by language

Search by verified and non-verified users

Search profiles with customized avatars or with the default avatar

Search accounts with URL or no URL

Search according to Gender

Search according to Country

Filter by number of followers and friends

Filter by number of lists

Filter by followers/friends ratio

Filter by account age

Filter by number of tweets per day

Filter by time since last tweet

You will then be presented with the users who match these criteria and can control which order you view them in using the button below:


From here you can then send users a direct message, follow users, add them to a list, edit tags or notes and create an individual best time to tweet report using the buttons shown below.


To perform some of these actions for multiple users, drag and drop a box over them and select the options from the bottom of the page. This is useful for adding users to lists, creating a best time to tweet report for a select group of people, adding users to your whitelist etc.


Twitter Search” lets you search the tweets that people are posting in real time e.g. for keywords, hashtags and URLs. Just click on “Twitter search” in the tools section.


Then enter the name of your hashtag, the keyword or URL to locate the users who have tweeted it within the last 36 hours. After this you can monitor it’s evolution e.g. to see how many people tweet it each day or find out more information about it.


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