How to upgrade my SocialBro Pro plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan directly from the app.

1) Just click on Settings, in the top navigation bar.

2) Select the Payment Plan tab and click “change plan”.

3) Select the plan that works best for you (if you upgrade or downgrade you will be reimbursed the proportion of the remaining time of the month and charged the new plan from this date forward).

Important: If you use the free version of SocialBro for Desktop and want to upgrade to SocialBro Pro, have a look at all Pro plans we have.

If you just want to customize your plan e.g. add more social contacts, you can do this using the plus signs next to the feature.

If you press the minus sign the following message will appear:

Click on the message and you will be taken to this screen (where you can downgrade your plan).

For help deciding which SocialBro Pro plan is right for you see: How to Select the Best SocialBro Plan for your Needs

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