Managing lists

The lists management tool is one of the most powerful features of SocialBro and is continuously under development.

You can create a Twitter list containing any user who has a public profile e.g. your competitor’s followers, members of a search, people who have tweeted a hashtag, specific members of your community etc.

Let’s say for an example you want to create a Twitter list containing the influential people you are following who have “social media” in their bios (allowing you to closely monitor the tweets they are posting to find ways to engage with them and build up a relationship).

1. Select “following” from the community stats panel.


2. Use the filters and advanced search options to find your desired users. So in this case we want them to have a high influence and “social media” in their bios. (remember you can only add 5000 people to a Twitter list so you may have to add more filters or deselect some users).

3. (2)

3. Then either check individual users and click “selected” on the bottom navigation bar and “add to list” or use the “Add all to list” option pictured below:

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-12 03.06.12

4. Then create a name for your list and if you don’t want users to be notified that they have been added to your list, select the “private” check box. If you want these users to know they are important to you, you can leave it public.

Note: You can create a maximum of 1,000 Twitter lists with up to 5,000 users in each list

4. (1)

5. To add anyone else to the list just select the button pictured below on their profile:


and then select an existing Twitter list.

6. You can then use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to monitor what these users are tweeting and find ways to engage with them e.g. retweeting or commenting on their content or you can use SocialBro to view stats about the members.

Here is a video example:

We want to create a list with users from New York who are interested in Marketing. So, we just have to search in our followers (also we could search in our community and in all Twitter) with the term “Marketing”. Once we obtain the results we just filter by the location “New York” and voilá, SocialBro will show us all of our followers from New York who are interested in Marketing. Now we just select the users that we want to add to a new or existing list.

Another way to manage lists is using “Sources”. We can analyze private or public lists. Once we have added the new source (via your home page or by selecting “Target” from the top navigation bar), we can select the users of every page to add to a list. Also you can see examples in the How-to section.

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