Extra 01. Starting with SocialBro interface

SocialBro navigation is divided by four areas:

  1. Top Navigation Bar  (Orange)
  2. Lef Navigation Bar(Green)
  3. Bottom Navigation Bar (Purple)
  4. Community or Work Area (Blue) 

Top Navigation Bar

The top menu has the following elements (from left to right):


  • View: Hide or show the left navigation bar (hiding provides you with a larger view of the screen).


  • Undo: Clicking on it will take you back to the last window on SocialBro.


  • Home: This takes you to the home page where you can switch between accounts and sources.
  • Dashboard: Clicking on it will take you back to the dashboard of the source selected.
  • Editor: Clicking on it will make a dialogue box appear (below the top navigation bar) where tweets can be written. Using the “@” symbol will allow SocialBro to auto-complete the Twitter user.
  • Tools: This button opens a drop down menu with access to any of the SocialBro tools.
  • Settings: This button takes you to the settings of your account where you can edit your notifications, change your general settings such as language and page view and view your invoices etc.
  • Help: This button provides you with links to SocialBro’s user guide, video channel, Blog, Webinars and support.
  • Notifications: This button shows you a list of your notifications such as when a source is synchronised or a report has been generated.


  • Accounts Menu: The accounts menu shows the account which you are logged into so you will do all the actions (follows, unfollows, tweet,etc.) from this account. If you click on this menu you will be able to add new or remove accounts.


This menu also gives you the following options:

  • Manage Your collaborators:

Using the “collaborators” tool, you can control who in your organization has access to the accounts you have added and what actions they can perform with them e.g. read only, edit etc. This makes managing your Twitter accounts easier whilst allowing you to maintain control. This tool is also useful for enabling clients to access their own accounts but not others.

  • Support: A Link to a form where you can contact SocialBro
  • Log Out.

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