The synchronization is very important in SocialBro as it updates your Twitter account in the app i.e. data on your community such as new followers etc. 

For Cloud (Professional) users:

The Cloud (Pro) version of SocialBro synchronizes your twitter account periodically so you don’t have to worry about doing this manually.

Nevertheless, if you want to sync your account manually because you are in a rush in getting your data you can do it with the following button:


For Desktop users ( Chrome App) 

SocialBro downloads your community to your computer, allowing you to access it even when offline. In order to keep your account updated, you should synchronize SocialBro as often as you consider necessary, depending on your level of activity on Twitter.

To synchronize your account just click on the Synchronize button, in the top right of your community stats graph.

Each time you synchronize an account, you will get new information about it in the Dashboard, such as your new followers, who unfollowed you, the potential spammers you are following etc. 


After each synchronization, the updated data will always be compared with information obtained in the previous synchronization.


The first time you synchronize SocialBro, the Twitter data you will see in the app will be up to date.

Important: If you use SocialBro Cloud you don’t need to synchronize your information, as the system does it for you periodically and notifies you via email when the sync is ready. This means that the cloud version is the best solution for larger Twitter accounts, as you don’t need to waste time synchronizing your data.

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