Twitter Lists

With SocialBro you can analyze any Twitter list, your own lists or any public list, comparing its members with your contacts. It’s very useful to know the members of a list that are in your community and also to get detailed stats about the people who are in a specific list.

   list 1
   To add a list as a source you can choose between:
  • Your Twitter lists
  • Other Twitter lists (public lists)

If the list is not yours, type the name into the search bar and click add. If you own the list select it from the drop down menu and select add.

list 2

After uploading the list, you’ll see information on the dashboard including:

list 3

  • All members of the list
  • Members of the list that you follow
  • Countries the members are from
  • Languages spoken by members
  • Gender of members
  • Members of the list that follow you
  • Members not followed by you
  • Members who don’t follow you back
  • Members not reciprocated by you
  • Tag Cloud of the members’ bios

You can search and browse the members of the list by clicking any of the widgets and using the filters on the left.

list 4

To visualize the stats of a list select ‘Community Insights’ from the ‘At’ drop down menu.

list 5

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