Upload a text file to analyze it in SocialBro

Another type of source that can be added to your SocialBro account is a text file. This source is really useful if you want to manage people from an event (congress, meeting, conference, workshop, etc.).

Select “Text file” from the “Target” section of your top navigation bar.

text 1

The text file (.txt) has to be formatted with one Twitter handle per line with the @ symbol. Just like this:

text 2

Once the file has been imported to your dashboard, you can access it from your home page:

text 3

You can then search, browse and manage all the members of the file.

All Members of the file

Members of the file that you follow

Members of the file that follow you

Members you don’t follow:

Tagcloud of the members’ bios.

text 4

You can click on any of the widgets or charts to browse through the relevant users.

You can also visualize the statistics of the profiles by clicking “community insights” from the “At” drop down menu.

text 5

text 6

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