How to Find Influential People on SocialBro

SocialBro uses Kred to determine the influence of Twitter users.

Please see this video for a step by step:

Kred is a measurement of social influence in online communities connected by interests. It provides reliable and accurate information about how influential your contacts are. You can discover influencers very easily and focus on engaging with those you consider worthwhile.

If you are a user of SocialBro Pro you’ll find a panel on your dashboard where you can see your Kred score by Influence and Outreach (click “evolution” to display the chart).

socialbro kred evolution

As Kred explains, “Influence is the ability to inspire action. It is scored on a 1,000 point scale. We measure Influence by assessing how frequently you are retweeted, replied, mentioned and followed on Twitter”, whilst “Outreach reflects generosity in engaging with others and helping them spread their message. Since we believe that the capacity of generosity is infinite, your Outreach score is cumulative and always increases. As of June 2012 the highest Outreach Level anyone has reached is 12, and we expect that higher levels will certainly be achieved in the future. We measure Outreach on Twitter by your retweets, replies and mentions of others.”

You can order your community by the influence score by clicking on “Influence” in the interface footer and so you can discover the most influential people in your community.

ug sort by influence

Each profile has the Kred icon under the avatar, which shows the Influence and Outreach of this Twitter account.

socialbro kred

You can filter your contacts using the Influence filter to visualize, for example, only those with a score higher than 500. You can also filter your lists and search Twitter for influential people within your market by combining any of the filters found in SocialBro.

socialbro filters

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