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Fine-tune your target audience with powerful tools that can help you separate the Twitter wheat from the chaff. Precision target Twitter users that have a real interest in your business using powerful filter and search functions to deliver results.


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Customize, optimize, and personalize your engagement with each and every follower. Expose your content to the largest audience possible with custom Best Time To Tweet reports, monitor influencers, and track your interactions to the second.


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Unlock in-depth insight about your Twitter community. Analyze behavior, see demographics, learn out the performance of key Tweets, and benchmark yourself against your competitors and peers. Access detailed analytics to give yourself a competitive edge.

Campaign Management

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Discover the power of a seamless end-to-end resource, from creating customized campaigns, to tracking progress, to outlining KPIs in succinct reports. Speed up response time by automating actions, create and manage lists, and quickly make changes to your Twitter community with just a few clicks.