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Browse your Community

Get accurate information about your community, get to know your audience in-depth and interact efficiently with your contacts. With the powerful search options, bring into clear focus your target audience of clients, customers and influencers.
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The best time to tweet

Find out when your best time to tweet is and take full advantage of every tweet you send. Get the best tweet-time from a custom sample of people and learn when any specific segment of your audience is online.
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Audience insights

Get detailed and powerful stats reports about your community and about any segment you’d like to know about in-depth, both within your contacts or in all Twitter. Target your audience with precision.
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Twitter dashboard

A scorecard of your contacts in one look. Analyze the progress of your Twitter account visualizing your new followers, influential people, etc. Be aware of what's happening in your community.
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Identify influencers

Easily discover influencers and focus on engaging with your most relevant contacts. Don’t lose track of them!
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Analyze your competitors

Keep an eye on a third-party Twitter account comparing it with yours, analyzing its evolution and changing your strategy in consequence.
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Twitter DM campaigns

Segment your followers and send out a personalized DM to target specific members of your community and measure the effectiveness of your campaign with Bitly. This feature is especially useful for events, PR and promotions!
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Find out how you are performing on Twitter compared to your industry peers using SocialBro’s Benchmark tool. This tool compares the growth in your Twitter account with other accounts of a similar age, size and industry.
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CRM (notes and tags)

Segment and organize your community to manage your relationship in a personalized way! Improve your CRM by keeping track of your supporters or important contacts and remembering to answer questions from customers.
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Discover Twitter users

Find Twitter users to target and engage with from SocialBro’s database of over 100M active users. This tool is perfect for finding influential people to connect with, potential customers or PR opportunities.
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Control which of your clients or coworkers can have access to or edit your Twitter accounts, ideal for companies and agencies. Make managing your Twitter- marketing strategy easier and quicker whilst keeping yourself in control.
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Track your interactions

SocialBro enables you to never lose track of the interactions you have had with your community. Improve your CRM by being able to quickly find past mentions and conversations with influencers and supporters.
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