Free vs Pro

¿Why upgrade?

Main differences between the Pro and the basic free version are:


(web-based app)


(Google Chrome)

Your data is secured in the cloud Your data is stored in your computer or browser, so any problem with Chrome could corrupt it
Access from any computer Access only from the computer in which you’ve installed the app
Best Time to Tweet reports based on up to 5000 users* Best Time to Tweet reports based only on
100 users
Analyze a competitor’s community with more than 5000 members* Not available
Analyze unlimited Twitter accounts and sources (lists, searches, etc.)* Analyze up to 4 sources (lists, searches, etc.)
Integration with HootSuite Not available
Integration with Kred influence measurement Not available
Customized insights and reports Not available
Export directly to Excel and PDF Not available
Shared account management Not available
Geolocated search Not available
Engagement tools Not available
Benchmark reports Not available
Twitter DM Campaigns Not available
Engagement tools Not available
WhiteList/BlackList tools Not available
Actionable Stats Not available
Sort by follow date Not available
Filter by country and gender Not available
Integrated with Salesforce and Nimble Not available
Database of 100 million active Twitter users to find your target audience Limited


SocialBro Pro is the latest and the most advanced version of our platform. It’s a web-app specially designed for Social Media and Marketing professionals, businesses, agencies and power Twitter users.
As a web-based platform, all your history, followers and friends are stored in the cloud so you never have to worry about saving this data yourself.
With SocialBro Pro you can access your account from any computer. It’s really convenient to be able to open the tool from any location and in all popular browsers.

*Depending on your plan
Important: If you use one of the desktop apps you can upgrade to SocialBro Pro bringing with you your account’s entire history.